Weird Game Gimmicks!

Have you ever wanted to spice up a game of the classic card game Snap? Have you ever thought that everything seemed too normal? Catan and Ticket to Ride just not doing it for you anymore?

Well, here we've made a list of the weirdest games that have some weirder gimmicks involved! 


1. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Here's an weird and easy game that takes the original card game Snap but makes it into a chanting, table smashing, chest thumping card game!

The object of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is to be the first player with no cards in their deck! Each player places a card from their deck (just like Snap) face up in a community pile while saying Taco/Cat/Goat/Cheese/Pizza in player sequence - when the card matches the word which is said out loud by the player, everyone must snap the pile and the last person to snap, takes the pile.

"Now, that just seems too easy, there must be more to it?" I hear you ask! Well, there are a few special cards such as the Groundhog, when it gets played, all players must bang on the table like the noble Groundhog and snap the centre pile. What about the graceful Narwhal? Everyone must clap their hands above their own head to make a horn, then snap the middle deck, remembering last player has to collect the cards in the middle!

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a fun game for the whole family and has been played by the Gameology Team nearly every Christmas party (There is even a Christmas Version called "Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman". Click here to view this awesome game!


2. Chicken vs Hotdog

The age old question that is on everyone's mind "What came first, the chicken or the hotdog?", in this "bottle-flipesque" game, you will finally find the answer!

The fad that originated on such apps such as YouTube, Facebook and TikTok is now a hit game that incorporates bottle flipping and teamwork! 

In this battle of flips, you can either play 1v1 or in even teams (I've played this with 3v3, it was hectic!) and your goal is to flip all your grey cards over to the coloured side before the other team!

The way to play? Flip your Chicken or Hotdog so it lands standing up - seems easy enough but can you do it blindfolded? Can you do it under your leg and onto the table? Can you flip it over your head? All these challenges and more are waiting for you in the weird and amazing CHICKEN VS HOTDOG!!!

Click here to view this whacky product!


3. Don't Get Got Refresh


If wearing your shoes on different feet and making up words on the spot is your kind of thing, this weird game within any game is for you - it's a perfectly cromulent game!

Don't Get Got Refresh gives each player 6 secret missions you need to complete without alerting other players that you're trying to finish them - first player to finish 3 missions wins. Some examples of different secret missions could be "Say a made up word and have someone ask the meaning of that word" or "Hide this mission (little card) inside a packet of snacks and have someone else touch it". If someone suspects you of doing 1 of your secret missions, you fail that mission and flip over your card to "Failed".

So basically, Don't Get Got (or found out) and you'll be the winner! The best thing about this game is that it can be played anywhere and anytime! While you're playing another board game (especially from the list), during a party, on a plane or even during a very important meeting (we are not liable if you get caught!)!

Even the time to play this game is 30 minutes to 30 years! 

Click here to view this cromulent game! (I dare you to ask me what cromulent means, I'm totally not doing a secret mission!)


4. Throw Throw Burrito

 Burritos. Goodness wrapped in tasty tortilla. Here's a good one for you: "I really like burritos. I could taco ’bout them all day." Yeah, I said it.

So you've decided to pick up this card dealing, burrito throwing game and wondering how does one play Throw Throw Burrito, well, this game can be played by 2 to 6 players (6 players for maximum chaos) and needs to be played in an area with no vases, computer screens or TVs(trust me, this game is intense!)! Deal 15 cards to each player so they have a deck in front of them and leave the rest in 2 piles in the middle of the table as well as both burritos! From there, the aim of the game is to gain the most points by collecting 3 of a kind cards as well as battling it out in the appropriately named Battle Cards!

Battle Cards you say? This just got interesting! Once someone collects 3 Battle cards, slam them down to gain points at the end of the game and yell out the Battle (an example would be "BURRITO BRAAAAAAWWWLLL!!!!"), then the players on your right and left immediately have to reach into the middle of the table to each grab a burrito and throw it at the other player, first to get hit loses the battle!

Getting the idea? Want to throw a burrito at your best friend or parent? Want to order Uber Eats because talking about burritos has made you hungry? Play the amazing Throw Throw Burrito - click here to view this tasty looking game!

(If you don't have enough guacamole in your life, play the same but different game Throw Throw Avocado - click here to view this smash hit!


5. Hand to Hand Wombat

 "He was so deadly, in fact, that his enemies would go blind from over-exposure of pure awesomeness!" - Po, The Dragon Warrior.

Stacking towers, Social Deduction and Kung Fu - who would've thought the Iconic Australian wombat would be a master of all of the above! In this game, you're given either a "Good Team" card or a "Bad Team" card, this decides if you're a good Wombat or bad Wombat. Scatter the stacking bricks in front of everyone and start stacking! Oh did I mention everyone is blindfolded while they try and stack their tower? Probably something I should've mentioned! 

Now, why be a good Wombat or bad wombat? Now, the good wombats try to build their towers from the base up within a minute and the bad wombats try to "cause chaos". After a minute is up, the group tries to find and vote out the "Bad Wombats" (sort of like Among Us). If the "Bad Wombat" makes it to the next round, the Bad Wombats Team gets a point.  1st team to 3 points wins!

Wombat Joke Time!

Q - How do you solve a marsupial argument?

A - Trial by wombat (Last joke, I swear!)

If you like wombats and games featuring wombats, you'll love Hand to Hand Wombat - click here to view this fun stacking game!


Buying Guide

In summary, if you’re looking for...

A game about chanting about cats and tacos? Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza!

A flipping good time including hot-dogs and chickens? Chicken vs Hotdog!

An action card game within a card game? Don't Get Got Refresh!

A game where the burrito is a weapon? Throw Throw Burrito! (Again, we are not liable for any vases/windows/TVs broken while playing this!)

Aussie animal icons with kung fu? Hand to Hand Wombat!

Weird game suggestions? This list!


And there we have it! Our weird game gimmicks list! We know there is more we could write about but here we are! What do you think? Did we miss anything? Did we miss your fav game? Let us know in the comments below! (PS the bad jokes will stop soon, I promise!)

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