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Competitive Pricing Policy

If a competitor, being another Australian retail store, is offering a cheaper price on a product on an exact like-for-like basis, in its store, Gameology may Price Match if:

  • The price match is requested prior to purchase
  • The identical product (same brand, model / style), product offer or bundle is in stock and available for immediate sale by Gameology and the competitor
  • A Gameology Team Member is able to verify the price and availability of the product

Gameology will not match the competitor's price if:

  • It is below our cost price
  • The conditions for Price Match (above) are not met
  • The competitor's product is:
    • a demonstration model, or second hand 
    • sourced from an unauthorised reseller
    • sourced from an online website that does not have a physical retail store in Australia
  • The price is:
    • an Online Only offer
    • a specially negotiated price or offer that is only available to a select group of people, such as a corporate rate, loyalty, subscriber or membership offer
    • discounted by means other than money, such as loyalty points, a discount voucher or coupon

When a Price Match is agreed, no further discounts, or promotional offers will be given.