Top 5 Japanese Themed Games
Japan - known for its rich traditions and history - is a country that many across the world consider to be a place of wonder and harmony. 

Whether you want to experience a peaceful afternoon travelling the mountainsides, go toe-to-toe in a brawl of Kaiju proportions, or enjoy your full at a Sushi Restaurant, these Japanese Themed Games are sure to be a hit at your games night with friends or just a relaxing time at home with the family.

If you want to immerse yourself in all things Japan, take a look at our Top 5 picks below:

1) Tokaido

Tokaido (Board Game)
Traverse across Japan as travellers spanning the legendary East Sea Road finding themselves embracing Japanese traditions by donating to temples, painting beautiful panoramas, shopping for authentic Japanese souvenirs, or even relaxing at the hot springs.

Tokaido is a 2 - 5 board game that is less about being the fastest or the quickest and more about enjoying all that life has to offer. Players take turns by determining who is the furthest away from the closest Inn after which they are able to move forward to the spaces they choose to stop on. Do you move further up the path to secure some gold by working at the farm, or do you take your time and chat with the traveller?

Tokaido (Board Game Set-up)

Tokaido provides the feeling of caring more about the journey and less about the destination - if you want to relax, take in the moment, and just enjoy an easy and fun game with friends, this is for you. Best complimented with relaxing Japanese music and incense.

You can begin wandering the beautiful landscape of Tokaido by clicking here!

2) King of Tokyo

Kaiju - whether you love them or hate them, you can't deny that they have an ability of being incredibly cinematic with over the top powers and ridiculous spectacles.

Enter King of Tokyo, a competitive board game where you fight for survival in this brawling battle royale between 2 - 6 players to prove once and for all who will be the greatest creature of grandiose scale in the largest city in all of Japan. Developed by the talented Richard Garfield - known for his work on Magic the Gathering - you will enter the shoes of these powerful creatures and reign over the great city.

King of Tokyo (Board Game Set-up)

Starting off with your powerful creature, evolve, adapt, and overcome your fellow opponents with a myriad of powerful upgrades such as spiked tails, large claws, and even jetpacks!! Once you're comfortable with your strengths, fight for supremacy and take Tokyo by battling with your opponents over who can withstand the most aggression in the great city, and in turn, how badly you can dish it out. However, if fighting isn't you style, you can instead try to win by securing victory points and overwhelming your enemies with your influence over the city - any strategy is viable.

The last creature standing will be hailed the King of Tokyo so outwit your opponents and prove you are worthy of the title!

Reign supreme over the great city of Tokyo by clicking here!

3) Takenoko

Takenoko (Board Game)

In an age old time long, long ago, the Chinese Emperor bestowed the Japanese Emperor with a gift - a symbol - of peace, in the form of a giant Panda Bear. As members of this prestigious court, the players are tasked with caring for this animal by tending to and cultivating the various plots of land that making up the bamboo garden to sate the sacred creatures hunger.

Takenoko has the players guide the royal panda to different plots of land in attempts to feed it the various green, yellow, and pink bamboo shoots all the while utilising the wandering gardener to increase how much bamboo is available. Equipped irrigation skills, as well as utilizing when the weather will be used to their advantage, players will have to make use of the various resources available to provide the panda with a full tummy.

Takenoko (Board Game Set-up)
If you care about the delicate balance of a creatures happiness and your ability to fulfill said happiness of these docile creatures all the while cultivating nature, this is a game that may just be for you.

Grow some bamboo and make the panda happy by checking out Takenoko here!

4) Sushi Go! Party

Sushi Go! Party (Board Game)

In this fast paced card game for 2 - 8 players, the players find themselves at a Sushi Restaurant trying to eat the best combination of food and accumulating points based on their meals. Play to your hand - and your opponents - and enjoy the best meal to score the highest points!

In round based gameplay consisting in total of 3 rounds, players will draw their opening hand, choose one card to place in front of them, after which they will pass their hand to the player on the left, and continue that until each player has no more cards in their hand. Don't forget to collect some Chopsticks along the way and cry out the catchphrase "Sushi Go!" to take two cards instead of one!

Sushi Go! Party (Board Game Set-up)

At the end of each round, players will tally up their cards to see how many points they have earned that round. Following that each player will discard their cards, draw a fresh new hand, and go for another round!

Once the players have eaten their full - or completed 3 rounds, whichever comes first - they will add how many points they have achieved throughout their meals and see who has received the most points, but don't forget to count your Puddings as they can provide you with that sweet victory you've enjoyed or leave the bitter taste of defeat in your mouth.

You can fill up your plate and start yelling out Sushi Go! by clicking here!

5) Namiji

Najimi (Board Game)

If Tokaido is your style but you care more about the salty sea air instead of the rolling hills, then get out fishing rod, cast your nets, and prepare to sail into the open seas of Najimi!

In similar gameplay fashion to Tokaido, you are travellers on the open seas, taking your time to enjoy all that the vast waters have to offer - take your time, as this will result in a greater experience than someone who is rushing to the end.

Najimi (Board Game Set-up)

Plan your route ahead of time - will you gaze upon and contemplate the marvellous marine species who call this realm their home, will you cast your line or net and catch variously colourful creatures, or will you heed the call of the Gods of the Sea and provide them will offerings?

Take your time and enjoy all the joys the sea has to offer in Najimi - be sure to check out its page by clicking here!

Buying Guide

In summary, if you’re looking for...

A game about big Kaiju and even bigger destruction? King of Tokyo!

A journey of reflection and taking your time? Tokaido or Najimi!

A game that's akin to enjoying conveyor belt sushi? Sushi Go! Party!

A game where the objective is to care for animals and nature? Takenoko

Immersing yourself in various Japanese experiences? A soothing hot-spring, dumplings and bamboo shoots, or any of the games above!

That's it from us - our Top 5 Japanese Themed Games! Our list could honestly go on and on, however our picks should be hits at your next games night! How did we do? Did we miss anything? Is there another one you believe should be among these games? Let us know below in the comments and sayōnara!

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