Romantic Board Games for Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of year once again—love is in the air, chocolates are on sale, and we express our endless appreciation of our partners, those patient and steadfast heroes in our everyday lives.

Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other or just hanging out with your friends, here are some of our top picks for romantic or love-inspired board games!




1) Fog of Love

Pitched as a rom-com as a board game, Fog of Love is a treat as sweet as a box of chocolates. In this 2-player blend of roleplay and strategy, players will be puzzling through the various stages of a budding relationship, hoping to fulfil secret Traits and Destinies that may or may not align with their partner.

At the core of this game are the various meters you and your partner will be swaying from one side to another like a pendulum—Gentleness, Sensitivity, Sincerity, etc. Every turn, you will play scene cards, each one often presenting a choice that will sway these meters and your character’s personal happiness in different directions. Will your choices align with your partner’s? Do you want them to? There’s real opportunity to get into the roleplay of it all!

When you pack up the game and leave the table, you won’t be leaving with merely a victory or defeat—you’ll be leaving with a story, a story of fireman Raoul and social media manager Gina, star-crossed lovers who fought at IKEA and never really recovered, or accountant Francine and clown Martina, destined to descend into heartbreak from the first glance.

However, despite how beautiful and romantic it looks on the outside, this game is more fun to play with people you aren’t romantically involved with. Playing with a real-life partner, there is a chance that your real-life romance might interfere with the fictional one. With platonic friends, it might be easier to roleplay some ridiculous character and have a laugh.

Note: There are lots of different box arts to choose from! The game within is all the same, it’s just the box that’s different.


2) Love Letter

If you’re looking for a light simple game with a love-inspired theme, look no further than Love Letter. In this simple deduction game, players are attempting to deliver their love letter to the Princess via various people in the royal palace.

Players begin the game with one card each, then, on their turn, draw one and then play one. They then use the ability of the card they played to attempt to deduce or eliminate other players. Perhaps you play the Guard, whose ability is to guess the card another player is holding. If you get it right, that player is eliminated from the round. When the deck runs out, check the number on each remaining player’s card. Whoever has the highest has successfully delivered their letter to the princess and receives one favor token. Rounds continue until someone has received enough favor tokens to win the princess’s heart!

This gorgeous 2019 edition features revised and diverse artwork from the artist behind Citadels, screen printed tokens and enough cards to play with 6 players! Plus, it all tucks away into a little velvet bag, making it super easy to transport and store.

Love Letter is not revolutionary. But at under $20, it is a light deduction game, perfect for a relaxing Valentine’s Day.


3) Marrying Mr. Darcy

Perhaps you are planning to spend Valentine’s Day curled up on the couch with a Jane Austen novel or binging the new Netflix period drama, Bridgerton. Could I perhaps tempt you then with a Pride and Prejudice inspired card game?

In Marrying Mr. Darcy, players will have to improve and upgrade their heroine to attract a suitor. Throughout the game, players will be drawing cards (aka attending Events) to increase their points in various traits--cunning, wit, beauty, and so on. At the end of the game, you will enter the Proposal phase and attempt to secure the most desirable match using the points you have accumulated throughout the game.

Marrying Mr. Darcy is light and frivolous, much like the Regency-era society its fiction is based on. Similar to Fog of Love, you can find much fun in the roleplaying—pop on a British accent, whip out a lace fan, and have your Elizabeth Bennet marry Mr Bingley instead of Mr Darcy! Go nuts!

With its lovely pastel artwork and marriage theme, this is the Valentine’s Day choice for a Jane Austen fan.


4) The Fox in the Forest Duet

All of the board games I have mentioned so far are competitive. If you’re looking for a cooperative game to play with your partner this Valentine’s, take a look at The Fox in the Forest Duet.

Though the original The Fox in the Forest is also 2-player, The Fox in the Forest Duet is unique because it is 2-player AND cooperative. If you have ever played a trick-taking game like bridge, this game will be as familiar to you as a warm cup of milk. Except for the fact that you don’t always want to win every trick. And you can’t discuss the cards in your hand. Herein lies the puzzle. In this game players must work together to move through the forest. If they can collect all twenty-two gems before they leave the forest, they win the game!

The Fox in the Forest Duet is just as heartwarming as it looks. That feeling of satisfaction when you figure out what card your partner wants you to play is so very fulfilling, like in any cooperative board game. Plus, just look at that artwork. It looks like it’s straight out of a children’s fairytale book. If your partner is one to be apprehensive about fantasy or sci-fi themed games, The Fox in the Forest Duet should appeal to their tastes nicely.


5) Escape Room: The Game (2 Players)

And here’s our wild card—Escape Room: The Game. Think about it: escape rooms are a great bonding experience. You have to work together and work quickly to solve problems and puzzles within a time limit. What better to help strengthen your relationship this Valentine’s Day?

Each box contains an introductory game and two 60-minute games, each with a different theme. Here at Gameology, we sell two different boxes—one featuring a prison and an asylum, and the other with a house on the lake and a story about a little girl. If you own the 4 player version of this game, you can use the decoder from that, otherwise, you can download a free companion app to help you with these rooms.

These games are praised for bringing the escape room experience to your table with such a small price point. Tactile, immersive and teamwork-focused, if you and your partner enjoy escape rooms or puzzles, these 2 player boxes are a great Valentine’s Day board game to pick up.




And there we have it! Our top picks for board games to play this Valentine’s! What do you think? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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