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Star Wars Imperial Assault Return to Hoth

Star Wars Imperial Assault Return to Hoth
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  • Player Ages

  • # of Player

    2 to 5
  • Vendor

    Fantasy Flight Games
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The Rebelsbase on Hoth has been discovered by the Empire! As Imperial walkers descend to the surface and the last transports flee, a few heroes of the Rebellion step forward to protect a colony of refugees. Little do they know that their heroic actions will eventually lead them back to the very place from which they fled: Hoth!

Return to Hoth is a new expansion for Imperial Assault, offering plenty of new content for the campaign and skirmish games. A new full-length campaign allows the Rebel heroes to take up a new story in the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth, while new rules for four-player skirmish games invite you to play a massive, multi-fronted battle. With thirty-seven double-sided terrain tiles depicting the icy wastes of Hoth, sixteen sculpted plastic figures to swell your forces, and a host of cards for both campaigns and skirmishes, Return to Hoth changes your games of Imperial Assault forever!’¢"Áí¢í‰?/inline>


  • Rulebook, 1 double sided Skirmish map, sticker sheet with 24 ID stickers
  • 3 hero cards; Loku Kanoloa, Deadly Marksman; MHD-19, Loyal Medic; and Verena Talos, Cunning Operative
  • 37 map tiles
  • 16 miniatures
    • 6 Snowtroopers
    • 4 HK Assassin Droids
    • 2 Wampas
    • SC2-M Replusor Tank
    • Loku Kanoloa
    • MHD-19
    • Verena Talos
  • Large cards (FFG green sleeves)
    • 17 deployment cards
    • 8 story mission cards
    • 6 agenda cards, 3 for 'Defensive Tactics' and 3 for 'Natural Warfare'
    • 3 side mission cards (3 red, 0 gray, 0 green)
    • 4 threat mission cards
    • 4 Skirmish randomizer cards
  • Small cards (FFG yellow sleeves)
    • 9 Skirmish command cards
    • 4 Weakened condition cards
    • 4 supply cards
    • 9 item cards (3 each for I, II and III)
    • 28 hero class cards (9 for Loku, 9 for MHD-19, 10 for Verena)
    • 18 Imperial class cards, 9 for 'Armored Onslaught' and 9 for 'Precision Training'
    • 11 reward cards
  • 39 tokens
    • 14 damage tokens, 13 strain tokens
    • 5 ally and villain tokens
    • 2 recon tokens
    • 5 weakened condition tokens