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With the blessing of the Gods of Olympus and the support of Mythological Creatures, recruit troops, build ships, create fortresses and construct metropolises. The struggle to bring your people to their highest glory will be legendary. With Cyclades, Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc (Mr. Jack, Dice Town) reinvents development and conquest games. In a ninety minute game, live through an incredible adventure in which soldiers, philosophers, mythological creatures and gods are common.

‰ÛÜCyclades Asmodee In the Cyclades archipelago off the coast of a not-yet unified Greece the great cities are growing and struggling against one another to establish their supremacy under the benevolent gaze of the Gods.åÊ

Goal of the game is to demonstrate the supremacy of your parent city by being the first player to have 2 Metropolises at the end of a cycle.åÊ

Ages - 13.

Players - 2 to 5.åÊ

Play Time - 60 - 72 minutes.åÊ



  • 3-part game board.åÊ
  • 2 special dice.åÊ
  • 100 gold piece.åÊ
  • 16 prosperity markers.åÊ
  • 5 figurines - Kraken Minotaur Medusa Olyphemus Chiron.åÊ
  • 18 Mythological Creature cards.åÊ
  • 16 Philosopher cards.åÊ
  • 16 Priest cards.åÊ
  • 4 large God tiles.åÊ
  • 40 buildings -åÊ
  • 10åÊPorts 10åÊ
  • FortressesåÊ
  • 10 TemplesåÊ
  • 10 Universities
  • 10 Metropolises.åÊ
  • For each of the 5 game colors.åÊ
  • 2 offering tokens.åÊ
  • 8 Fleets.åÊ
  • 3 territory tokens.åÊ
  • 8 Troops.åÊ
  • 1 screen