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Betrayal at House on the Hill

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Betrayal at House on the Hill Board Game -2nd Edition: Take a deep breath before you enter. It might be your last. Your fear will grow with each tile you place as you investigate a house filled with dreadful monsters and deadly secrets. With 50 fiendish scenarios (including seven new haunts) and dozens of danger-filled rooms, you'll return to the house again and again - as often as you dare - and never face the same game twice. Contents include 1 rulebook, 2 haunt books, 44 room tiles, 1 Entrance Hall/Foyer/Grand staircase tile, 6 explorer figures, 6 two-sided character cards, 30 plastic clips, 8 dice, 1 Turn/Damage track, 80 cards (events, item, omen and more) and 149 tokens. For 3 - 6 players, ages 12 and up.

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The creak of footsteps on the stairs, the smell of something foul and dead, the feel of something crawling down your back â€?this and more can be found in the exciting refresh of the Avalon Hill favorite Betrayal at House on the Hill. This fun and suspenseful game is a new experience almost every time you play â€?you and your friends explore “that creepy old place on the hillâ€?until enough mystic misadventures happen that one of the players turns on all of the others. Hours of fun for all your friends and family. Designed for 3â€? players aged 12 and up, this boardgame features multiple scenarios, a different lay-out with every game, and enough chills to freeze the heart of any horror fan.

Contents include 
1 rulebook, 
2 haunt books, 
44 room tiles, 
1 Entrance Hall/Foyer/Grand staircase tile, 
6 explorer figures, 
6 two-sided character cards, 
30 plastic clips, 
8 dice, 
1 Turn/Damage track, 
80 cards (events, item, omen and more) and 149 tokens. 
For 3 - 6 players, 
ages 12 and up.