What are Pop! Vinyls?

You’re walking through a pop culture store, browsing through the Gameology website, and you see them—Pop Vinyls. Those little figurines with their massively oversized heads and their strangely dead eyes. There seems to be one for every pop culture character imaginable. 

Are they bobbleheads? Do they talk? Are they action figures you can play-battle with?

Today, we’ll run you through the basics of Pop Vinyls and why you should pick them up!


But seriously...what are they?

Essentially, Pop Vinyls are static figurines made of—you guessed it—vinyl. Created by the company Funko, they were originally a line of bobbleheads (so your initial impression wasn’t far off!) and eventually progressed into the anime-style vinyl figurines around the start of the 2010s. Standing about four inches tall, they won the hearts of fans worldwide by releasing licensed figures of characters from beloved franchises like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.


Why would you want them?

Well, there’s a couple reasons!

1. They make great gifts!

Your friend’s birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to get! The only thing you know with certainty is that they like (insert anything from pop culture here)

The easy solution? Get them a Pop Vinyl of a character from their pop culture phenomenon of choice!

2. Nostalgic and fun decorations!

I have friends who buy Pop Vinyls the same way people buy Swarovski swans and porcelain dolls—as decoration! I have friends who display them on their board game shelf, Gameology’s own general manager has a handful watching over his desk, and an in-law has piles of them in their original boxes covering his wall!

Plus, there’s nostalgia value to them. You’re buying a physical representation of a character you love or relate to, a reminder of a story that had a pivotal impact on your life! It’s similar to buying a plush or a poster of something from a pop culture series you love!

3. Great to collect!

Similar to TCG, any Pop Vinyls that are hard to find quickly become highly sought after. Any Pop Vinyls part of limited edition runs or exclusive to certain regions or events can sell for 50 times their purchase price years down the track! Also, there are so many different variations and poses made of just one character—you could spend years tracking down every variation of them! 


Pop Vinyls at Gameology

Looking to pick up some Pop Vinyls of your own? Here are some of the biggest Pop Vinyl collections we sell at Gameology!

Pokemon Pop Vinyls

It’s no secret that we at Gameology love Pokemon! Therefore, it’s obvious that our biggest collection of Pop Vinyls are from Pokemon! 

Not only do we have an enormous Pikachu Pop Vinyl that stands 18 inches in height, we also have some Limited Edition flocked Pop Vinyls of Eevee, Charmander and Pichu that were previously exclusive to certain conventions!


Pop Vinyl Board Games

Since we are Australia’s largest gaming warehouse, of course we would have the Pop Vinyl themed board games!  

These Funkoverse board games are not only fun and light strategy games with different character abilities and synergies, they also contain Pop Vinyls that you can’t buy anywhere else!  

It’s the perfect blend of collector’s item and board game!


Protecting your Pop Vinyls

But of course, if you’re buying these cute little figures as a collector, you’re going to want some way to protect them! Most collectors generally store the Pop Vinyls in their original packaging, but for figures that don’t come with their own individual storage case (like the ones from the Funkoverse board games) or ones where you’ve lost or misplaced the original packaging, we recommend these perfectly sized plastic boxes! 

One point that these cases have over original Pop packaging is that they are clear on all sides! You can admire every facet of your Pop Vinyl without worrying about potential damage!



And here concludes our brief overview of Pop Vinyls at Gameology! We hope this helped you unravel the mystery of these bobblehead lookalikes and perhaps gave you some good gift ideas—either for yourself or for your loved ones! If you have any other Pop Vinyls to suggest to us, let us know in the comments!

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