🐱𝗧𝗼𝗽 𝟱 𝗖𝗮𝘁 𝗕𝗼𝗮𝗿𝗱 𝗚𝗮𝗺𝗲𝘀!🐱

Cats. You love them, you hate them, you can’t control them, but you can’t deny that they’re adorably wiggly fluffballs that bring a smile to your face. 

If you’ve clicked on this blog post, you either love cats, own cats, or all of the above! If you already know in your heart that you’re destined to become a crazy cat person, why not solidify that reputation with some cat themed board games? 

1) Isle of Cats

A polyomino tile laying and drafting game where players try to fill their boat with cats!

Despite the light complexity and colourful artwork, this game has a surprising amount of lore! In Isle of Cats, you take on the role of noble citizens from Squalls End, venturing out to the titular Isle of Cats to rescue them before the evil Lord Vesh arrives. Each cat colour is called a ‘family’ (how adorable!) and you are trying to fit as many cats on your boat as possible while trying to keep families together.

With the option to play both the full game and a simpler, family version, Isle of Cats has something for every cat-loving board gamer out there!

NOTE: We are currently out of stock of this game but will be getting more later on in the year so be sure to sign up for restock notifications if you’re interested!


2) Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza 

Similar to the classic card game, Snap, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza (hereafter simply ‘Taco Cat’) is a fast-paced and hilarious card game that anyone can pick up and play!

Gameplay is easy: Players will all read off the mantra “taco, cat, goat, cheese, pizza” while going around the table playing cards to a centre pile. As soon as the card in the centre matches the word currently said in the mantra, everyone must slap the centre card! It’s a game that can be played with both kids and adults alike, with a similar vibe to the ever-popular ‘Spot It’. 

Though cats are not the centrepiece of this game, we just had to give it a mention due to its cheap price, cute artwork and oodles of fun!

3) Magical Kitties Save the Day

A beginner-friendly RPG designed for cat-lovers and board gamers of all ages!

In Magical Kitties Save the Day, you play as magical kitties using their powers to solve their humans’ problems! Gameplay takes the form of a simplified version of the classic roleplaying experience—you make decisions, and you roll dice to see how your choices pan out. Instead of Strength or Dexterity like in D&D, your attributes are Cute, Cunning and Fierce!

Older players can act as the Game Master for kids as young as six years old so that everyone can get involved, even with no prior tabletop RPG experience. With the cat theme making it light and not at all intimidating, this is the game that could spark a love of roleplaying for years to come. 

4) Scram

From the creators of Unstable Unicorns comes a new cat in the ring—Scram!

I seriously can’t get over this artwork! The cats are so fat! But in terms of gameplay, this is a lovely light card game, pulling in the stealing cards mechanic from Unstable Unicorns and combining it with classic set collection. Your goal is to collect as many cats as you can from the pet store while watching out for sneaky cat burglars!

And better yet, this game is under $20! If you’re a cat-loving board gamer (or you just love those adorable fat cats!), you really can’t go wrong with this small and portable card game!

5) Calico

This gorgeously designed tile laying game combines quilt making and cat attracting in an aesthetically pleasing package!

In Calico, players are trying to sew the cosiest and prettiest quilt in order to attract the most cats! Creating groups of colours will allow you to add buttons to your quilt, while creating patterns that the cats like will cause them to come over and sleep on your quilt! 

If you’re a fan of games like Sagrada and Azul, Calico will likely fill the same pretty puzzley space in your heart—now with cats! 

NOTE: We are currently out of stock of this game but will be getting more later on in the year so be sure to sign up for restock notifications if you’re interested!

Buying Guide

In summary, if you’re looking for...

A polyomino tile laying game? Isle of Cats.

A fast-paced card game similar to Snap? Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.

A beginner-friendly tabletop RPG? Magical Kitties Save the Day.

An adorable and simple card game with fat cats? Scram.

A gorgeous puzzley tile laying game that’s worth the wait? Calico.

And there we have it! Some cardboard cats to add to your cat-lection! What do you think? Did we miss any other cute cat titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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