Sun & Moon Forbidden Light

The newest expansion in the Pokemon - forbidden light series was recently released and it is certainly brightening up the Pokemon world!

Building up on the story of Sun & Moon - Ultra Prism, this expansion showcases the mysterious power of Necrozma, who has absorbed a legendary Pokemon and taken on a luminous new form as Necrozma-GX. So, the other legendary Pokemons Lucario-GX, Greninja-GX, Zygarde-GX, Yveltal-GX and even the mighty Acreus must choose a side.

The new expansion includes

  •  5 new Prism Star cards
  • 8 Pokémon-GX
  • 6 Ultra Beasts
  • 15 Trainer cards
  • 2 Special Energy cards

Each booster pack will include ten cards from the expansion, including at least one rare card and one basic energy card. Two new theme decks -  Tropical Takedown and Twilight Rogue are also introduced. Tropical Takedown features Alolan Exeggutor while Twilight Rogue features Lycanroc.

This new expansion of the Pokemon Forbidden light series also includes Prism cards, limited to one per player deck, since they are so powerful. Once used they are discarded in the Lost Zone rather than the discarded pile which means that once gone, they are never returning!

Tropical Takedown

Alolan Exeggutor is leading the way and all his Pokemon mates come along to wins as a team in the Tropical Takedown. The deck contains over 130 cards that you can use to make the most of your big attacks.

Twilight Rogue

Unleash Lycanroc when you are outnumbered by your opponent, after Lycanroc does more damage when your opponent’s bench is full. Salazzle and Malamar pull more cards and more energy for more ways to win the Twilight Rogue theme deck!

Featured Cards


Pheromosa makes an appearance in the TCG series in a simple yet fearsome style. It may not be a Pokemon-GX or Prism, but its 110 HP and no Retreat cost is enough to create an impact. If you are down to only one prize card, Pheromosa’s white ray attack will hit with a massive 180 damage and make you victorious. And since it isn’t a GX, if your opponent manages to throw Pheromosa off the game, they’ll be able to claim only one of their prize cards instead of two.


This ultra beast’s power is well known. And when its power becomes stronger by having few friends by his side, he is undefeatable. Its beast raid attack increases in power for each ultra beast on your bench. The stringer-GX is a game changer. It not only forces both players to shuffle their remaining prize cards but also requires them to put three new ones down, regardless of how many they has before!


Durability, power, attack, and defence all together in this GX makes it a complete package. This land wrath’s energy requirement might seem difficult to meet, but its well within reach when combined with cell connector attack. Play this card with good timing and nothing can stop you from winning!


Diancie is a booster. When this Pokemon is on your bench, your attacking Pokemon’s attack power increases by 20 damage. It is also a healer. Diancie’s diamond rain attack delivers a one-two punch - doing 90 damage and healing all of its teammates.


This voracious ultra beast’s lord valley attack does a formidable 160 damage. With right timing, few Pokemon will stand a chance against lord valley. It also is a GX, hence you will only have to give up a single prize card if it happens to get knocked out.

Ultra Necrozma-GX

Necrozma has returned and this time with more power than ever as Necrozma-GX. In one massive shot, its photon geyser attack can bring down can enemy, doing 20 damage plus another 80 for each basic psychic energy card you discard from Ultra Necrozma-GX.  The sky-scorching light GX can put six damage counters on each of their Pokemon.  This ultra beast should definitely be feared!

Ultra Space

Ultra beasts have changes the landscape of Pomon TCG battles. When ultra space is in play, you can search your deck for any ultra beasts card and put it into your hand once per turn. This gives the players an opportunity to make strategies around the powerful beasts on their deck.

Beast Energy

Beast energy make the ultra beasts even more dangerous, When attached to an ultra beast, this card provides 1 energy of any type and also adds 30 damage to that Pokemon’s attacks. You can have only one beast energy in your deck, but one is enough to turn the table around!


Zygrade’s GX attack creates vast damage and is widely effective at slowing down opposing Pokemon’s EX and GX. Its friend Bonnie lets you break the GX attack rule and use it again! Bonnie appears as a supporter card, but before you play Bonnie, a stadium card must be in play and which needs to be discarded as part of the card’s effect - this could be great for your gameplay especially if it’s your opponent’s stadium car at play.

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