Don't Get Got! How to Spice Up Any Games Night.

A game you set-and-forget like an easy-bake dessert, in the hopes that during play, people relax enough so you can get one over on them.


It’s a simple enough concept with dramatic and enjoyable consequences that’ll leave you and your friends paying out that one person in your gaming group FOR. YEARS.

Played almost innocuously in the background of your small gathering (of less than 10 people, excuse us), your routine board games night or even during your family dinner, Don’t Get Got is the perfect way to quell the monotony of pandemic life.

Players are given their own wallet with six of unique objectives ranging from the mundane to the ridiculous.

It is then that players mission – should they choose to accept it – to be the first to complete three of their tasks and be crowned the Don’t Get Got victor, which includes exclusive bragging rights for the rest of eternity.

But beware, everyone will be on high alert and suspicious of every seemingly harmless request.

Any utterance of the dreaded phrase, “is this from the game?” is the only thing that can foil your plans – you then fail that task and won’t be able to try it again on anyone else.

Work together at your own peril, as divulging your plans opens you up to potential treachery at the hands of whom you once called allies, friends even.

A simple, yet effective and immensely satisfying game, Don’t Get Got is the perfect party and family game that’ll spice up any situation!

Don’t believe us?

Check out the brilliant review from the renowned team at Shut Up & Sit Down below.

It’ll be in your cart faster than you can say, “Is that from the game?!”


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