Codenames: Deep Undercover V2.0

Spy games have always been popular, but add an element of raunchiness and innuendo and you’ll have Codenames: Deep Undercover 2.0.

A spin-off to the award-winning Codenames game, Deep Undercover targets the Cards Against Humanity crowd who like their games 18+. This is certainly not a game for family nights!

For best results you'll want 4-8 players, but alternative instructions for 2-3 players are included. Oonce players get the hang of it they’ll find it very easy to follow!

How to play!

Teams (red and blue) each have one spymaster and at least one operative. The two spymasters sit together on one side opposite their operatives on the other.

25 cards representing agents, innocent bystanders and the deadly assassin are arranged in a grid. Their identities are hidden behind vulgar codenames; some a player might be unfamiliar with making Urban Dictionary a very helpful tool.

A key card - seen only by the spymasters - shows the identity hidden behind each card. The operatives must contact all of their own spies whilst avoiding the opposing spies, innocent bystanders and the deadly assassin.


With each turn, a spymaster gives a one word clue (relating to one or many of their own spies) and the number of spies the clue relates to. They must employ their best poker faces too: not even an ounce of emotion must be betrayed as their operative tries to figure out which card to pick based on the clue given.

The game concludes when a team successfully gathers all their spies, however it may also end if one of the operatives accidentally pick the code name of the assassin – making their opponent the winning team. Operatives may take their sweet time in guessing, but if the spymasters want to heighten the pressure they may use an hourglass to limit the time.

Some players might find Deep Undercover 2.0 a bit lacking, for one round can be wrapped up within a 30-minute timeframe. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t give it a try though. As short as one round might be, by the end of the session participants will find themselves spent – from the amount of analyzing and thinking mind you!

Will you flourish or flunk as an operative; as your spymaster gives you clues to correctly figure out who the salaciously-named spies of your team are? Will you mistakenly aid the opposing team to complete their own by selecting their codenames? Will you pick unwitting bystanders? Or will you bring about your team’s defeat by choosing the assassin? The words and clues given may belong to the gutter, but the mind power and command over (dirty) words required certainly doesn’t!

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  • Antoinette Viola On

    Who are the bystanders in this game? I see an Austin Powers theme and then Melissa McCarthy? Carmen San Diego?

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