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We’re back with another “n00b Look!” our semi-regular article here at Gameapalooza Australia in which we subject a unsuspecting sap friend of a friend – who isn’t a regular tabletop gamer – to play a modern tabletop game, or in this case, card game. We then get said sap to send us notes on their experience and their thoughts of the game (we also jot down anything they say during the game we think is interesting / fun). Why? Well because it’s cruel fun of course. Also sometimes the saying “out of the mouths of babes” is very apt, because it is when the innocent try something new that their unsullied thoughts can bring forth points we might otherwise miss as veterans of tabletop gaming.

This weeks victim shall henceforth be known as “Jo” and we sat her down for a game of “Exploding Kittens” by The Oatmeal, a Kickstarter game the rest of us love. Here are some of her random thoughts / verbalised feelings from playing her first game:

Exploding Kittens n00b Look Gameapalooza Australia - game reviews and news

Exploding Kittens – For this exercise we just went with the regular version

“I’ve seen this guy on Facebook, the guy who drew this did the Tesla comic”

“So other than don’t draw the Exploding Kitten, I don’t really understand what you mean so maybe we should just do the game” (This was a good idea and is generally a good idea with n00bs – Ed.)

“So the nope card stops everything? I reckon they should have had a Yup! card to f-ck with the nope card players, rather than multiple Nope cards”

“DEFUSE!! HA!! DEFUSE CAT!! DEFUUUUUSE CAAAAAT!!!!!!” (Honestly, no description will express the excitement and this shows how good this game is, even for total n00bs – Ed.)

“When you’ve got no defuse card in your hand and you know that exploding kitten is really close to the top and you draw the card real slow like that makes a difference”.

“When you guys were explaining the rules and you kept going, it’s easy honestly, I was all like, I am never going to get this. I felt like a dumb ass, but it was really easy to get the hang of after a couple of rounds. It’s made me more interested in other modern card games that’s for sure”.

“Just wanted to thank you guys for letting me play Exploding Kittens Card Game with you on Saturday, had a great time and the game itself was purrfect, see what I did there, now BURN!! ;-p”

Exploding Kittens n00b Look hand Gameapalooza Australia tabletop reviews and news

Exploding Kittens is a lot of fun, even for a total n00b!

Many thanks to “Jo” for taking part in multiple “Exploding Kittens” games and also dropping us an email afterwards and letting us share her thoughts with the tabletop gaming world.

Who will be our next n00b Look victim?!
Stay Tuned.

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