5 reasons why Settlers of Catan should be in your game closet


“Settlers of Catan is a great game”, you probably must have heard many people make this statement. But, when it comes to board games, the words great or fun hold little value because in the digital world, board games for many have sentimental value. Settlers of Catan is one such family board game that holds sentimental value because a large number of special “party-time” and “family-time” is associated with it. Settlers of Catan is game that many people say got them into playing board games. Now, this is a good way to describe the greatness of a board game.



First a little overview

The game is based on a fictional island of Catan. Players play as a settlers who want to establish their settlement on the island. To do that, players have to compete with each other and collect bricks, lumber, ore, grain etc needed to build the settlement. The standard game can accommodate four players and it be expanded upto six players.

Let’s hop on to why this classic game should be in everyone’s game closet

  1. It’s really easy to learn

    If you have friends or family who are hesitant to play board games because they are difficult and requires a lot of time and effort to actually understand and begin playing then, Catan is the best game to start with. It is easy to learn and accommodates a wide variety of skill levels, hence, it’s the best for a game night.

  2. This game is for everyone

    The Catan board game is easy to learn and accommodates a blend of strategy, luck and interesting choices, hence, can be played by both young and old alike. The best thing about the game is that it keeps everyone engaged throughout. Rather than sitting and waiting for someone to take their turn, people can engage and gather resources even if it isn’t their turn. Players don’t get eliminated here, so it keeps everyone hooked until the end of the game.

  3. Its straightforward

    The game is pretty straightforward. You roll/collect resources and then utilize those resources. The goal is to spend the resources to get a total of ten victory points. However, even with a simple game play, it is quite challenging. It starts out easy but eventually gets competitive when trading starts, players compete for resources or when there’s a shortage of resources.

  4. The game is interactive

    The Catan board game does a great job at getting people to interact. To win you have to interact and trade, in a way the whole set up of the game takes you through a great segue which is creative and thrilling. Trading gets creative, tension is ratcheted and it really gets players to play together.

  5. It’s a bestselling board game

    The settlers of Catan first appeared in 1995 and ever since, its popularity has only grown. It has highly been rated by critics and sincere board game players absolutely love it! Various editions have also grown out from the success of the first game – Catan family edition, Catan traveler edition, Settlers of Catan Star Trek version and many more. In a way, Catan has evolved with time and have catered to what’s in vogue.

Final Thoughts

If you are new to board games, Catan is the best place to start. Once you try it, you’ll come back wanting more. No collection is complete without it.

    Reviews (4 comments)

    • eash On

      catan is really easy to learn and really fun. Its one of those games that is easy to get started on and once you think deeper about it, there are a lot of strategy elements.

      There is also the option to trade with others so its very interactive as well. Definitely recommend it.

    • Letyourmindrollon On

      ROFL, Annie. You made me laugh, thank you,!

    • Annie coombs On

      I’m having to play this cooped up in a house with relatives hoping to survive the Covid 19 virus but I’m losing the will to live trying to understand this game. There appears to be no purpose and actually it’s boring. Sorry it doesn’t get my vote. Monopoly is much better.

    • V On

      One of the most appealing reasons (for me) about Settlers of Catan is that every single game is completely different! Randomising the tiles, counters, and ports; and then picking starting locations and throwing in random dice rolls means that no two games are ever played the same way.

      I completely agree, Settlers of Catan is a must have for anyone who enjoys living and breathing.

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