Cards Against Humanity – Game Review

We’re playing “Cards Against Humanity” this weekend at a Games Day and we thought we’d give a shout out to this game here at Gameapalooza. If you are the more mature gamer (over 18 years) and you haven’t tried “Cards Against Humanity” yet (or CAH as it’s affectionately known), it’s a great game. Easy to set up, simple to play and most importantly a LOT of fun. You do need to have a high threshold for vulgarity, since the aim of the game is to play your cards and be the most funny / vulgar / horrible person you can with the options you have (and your options are probably vile).

Cards Against Humanity Review

We chose the least offensive, just so you know.

So how does it work? Every player gets 10 white cards with various politically incorrect words / phrases on them. One black card is drawn, you fill in the gap(s) with the one (or two) of the cards in your hand, generally the one you think is funniest / most vulgar. The person who drew the black card chooses the one they think is best (usually based on overall guffaws / response of all players) and that person keeps the black car, then judging passes to the next player. Simples yes?

Cards Against Humanity Review

Cards Against Humanity the more polite cards

We can safely say we’ve turned more people into tabletop gamers with “Cards Against Humanity” than almost any other game (Loonacy perhaps just pips it). The magic of “Cards Against Humanity” is just how utterly wrong it is and yet, oh so right. Seeing your friends / acquaintances play really morally corrupt cards, really brings you all together, it also makes you laugh a LOT.

Game Build Quality
Regular retail version: Nice quality box, nice quality cards, nothing negative to report. You can also get the Bigger Box (sold separately) which holds every card and then some (thus far), which is nice.

Ages Adult ONLY
3 to 20+ Players
Setup Time a couple of minutes


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