Trendy TCG Primer Vol 2! Flesh & Blood and Digimon TCG

Flesh & Blood TCG

There seems to be a new TCG coming out of the wood works every other day, so why should you care about Flesh & Blood? Buckle in, dear reader, and I will tell you.

Flesh and Blood

Made from our cousins across the pond, Flesh & Blood is about Heroes (or Villains if that's your kind of thing!) battling each other until someone falls. How this is done, each player chooses a unique hero card and their starting equipment / weapon(s). From there, players take their turns attacking with their hero using their weapons and also action cards from their hand to try to damage the opposing hero health until it reaches zero. If you manage that, you win!


Action cards have a cost that is paid by 'pitching' (discarding) other cards from their hand. Of course, some action cards cost more than others, so you'll need to manage your hand to strike effectively. Also, those pitched cards will end up at  the bottom of your deck at the end of the round, so don't worry if you are struggling to choose what to pitch, you'll see it again in the late game!

It is recommended that you pitch as many cards as you can on your turn, as you can refill your hand later. Your Hero that you pick determines how many cards you will draw up to.


There is a lot of interaction when you move to attacking or defending, however I will let you discover that once you sit down with your mates to play and try your best to eliminate them.

Interested? What is a better way to start than to pick up some starter decks!

Flesh and Blood - A FABulous new TCG - There Will Be Games



Digimon TCG


Well, here's another childhood favourite repackaged into a TCG! Digimon Card Game is a quite a new TCG on the block, but comes with own fresh style of gameplay.

Digimon Trading Card Game

In Digimon Card Game, you are battling with your favourite Digimon in a 50 card deck. The goal is to remove your opponent's security (a shield so to speak, made up of 5 of their cards face down from their deck) and once that's clear, a final attack to win the game.

How this is done is that you are playing Digimon cards from your hand, using a shared resource pool with your opponent. When you pay the cost of a card, you move that resource pool down, and if it reaches below zero, it becomes the opponent's turn. It's like a tug of war where if you use more expensive costed cards, the more resources your opponent will have to resist you.

Digimon Trading Card Game

This system is similar to the Chrono Clash System, which you may have found in other Bandai card games.

Also, you can choose to run a 5 card deck with Digimon Egg cards that is set aside, which you can hatch these eggs by revealing the top card. These new hatched Digimon can be used to help reduce cost, playing Digimon to the play area. There can only be one Digimon set aside in this new hatched area at any given time. These Digimon Eggs aren't required to play, but add extra strategic options for you.


What are you waiting for? Sling those Digimon at your friends and claim dominance as a Digimon Master!

 Starter Decks

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