Top Kickstarters coming soon to Gameology!

We've all seen the amount of Kickstarters Games coming out soon and upon looking at the listing on their website, you just missed out on the pledge window (by 2 days!). Luckily, here at Gameology, we like to back some of these amazing games and bring them to our favourite customers (you!) 

Here is a list of some of the Top Kickstarters that are coming out soon!


1. Kickstarter Santorini Pantheon Collector's Edition 


Santorini, if you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful island with Black-Rock beaches, houses carved into the cliff side and the beautiful food, I am a very jealous person!

If you can't make it though, we offer the Santorini - Pantheon Edition as a close 2nd! With the new beautiful components and amazing promos coming with this version, you and 3 others will have the best time trying to get your worker to the 3rd level of the buildings! Santorini's elegant design, combined with the variety introduced by the God Cards, makes it a popular and engaging game for both casual and strategic players.

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2. Kickstarter Maple Valley


While looking for Kickstarter to back, our eyes got caught on these adorable woodland creatures - we couldn't resist! Winter has finished, the last snowflake has melted and it's time to finally celebrate - today is that day!

Cute Creatures + Wearing People Clothes + Great Gameplay = Instant classic!

In Maple Valley your chosen animal meeple (trust me, you'll love these!) has been tasked with searching the woodlands for ingredients needed to make a dazzling variety of party favours for the upcoming celebration in the land - collect the ingredients, craft the party favours and get ready for the party of a lifetime!

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3. Kickstarter Tainted Grail Kings of Ruin One True King Pledge (Sundrop)


The game that even the biggest bodybuilders have trouble lifting - especially if you buy this pledge - if you are able to hold it - you will be the One True King! Don't get sidetracked like me and spend hours looking into the miniatures you get with this game (if you can even call them minis, they are huge!)

Tainted Grail Kings of Ruin One True King Pledge will give you all the greatness from the original Tainted Grail Fall of Avalon with all the expansions within the photo and more!

Tainted Grail is widely praised for its deep storytelling, immersive atmosphere, and unique blend of exploration, adventure, and survival elements. An amazing game which can be played solo or with 3 other friends, developing your characters throughout the game, incredible and challenging combat encounters, you'll be playing this one for days on end!

This is one you surely don't want to miss - click here to view this product!


4. Kickstarter Dice Throne X-Men New Gameplay Bundle

The X-Men - a team of diverse mutants led by Professor Charles Xavier, using their extraordinary powers to defend humanity against mutant threats and promote peaceful coexistence between mutants and non-mutants - this opening alone has sold me the game!

Dice Throne X-Men is an amazing addition to the already popular Dice Throne franchise adding in new heroes and villains - also adding in such as 1 character that constantly breaks the 4th wall - Deadpool!

The aim of the game is to be the last player standing by gaining the appropriate resources to activate your heroes abilities - every hero (Or villain, depending on who you play) is different which makes for amazing games for up to 2 to 6 players! With the luck of your dice rolls and abilities, will you come out as the winner?

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And there you have it! Here is a small list of some of the popular Kickstarters that are coming to Gameology over the year!

With Kickstarters being added every week to our pre-order list, you'll never know what games will be added next!


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