Drunk, Stoned or Stupid - Game review

Which of your friends is most likely to….
“Drunk, Stoned or Stupid” is a party game where every round begins with that very question. Funded through kickstarter, “Drunk, Stoned or Stupid” is in a same vein as other simple adult party games like “Cards Against Humanity”.

Setup and Gameplay
The great thing about this game is that it’s very simple. All you need to do is shuffle the deck of questions, then you’re good to go. The group chooses a starting player to be the judge (every round has a new judge), they then draw the card and read it out loud. Some sample questions include:

Which one of your friends is most likely to…

“Pay you back later”
“Pee outside when the bathroom is open”
“Shamelessly snapchats”

Once the question has been asked then the player to the left of the judge will nominate a person in the group who they think fits the question the best, then the accused person tries to defend themselves. Everyone in the group has a chance to offer who they think is guilty of this trait however the judge has the final say. The guilty party gets given the card which means they lose a point, any player that gets to 7 points is the automatic loser. Because of the simplicity (and theme) the game flows fast and welcomes a large amount of laughter, ideal for any party game.

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Are your pals Drunk, Stoned or Stupid… find out with this party game.

Game Build Quality
The only components in the game are the cards, which are sturdy and simple which suits the theme of the game play fantastically. The box is small and compact which makes it great for traveling, it’s also quite sturdy and the cards fit nicely inside.

Gameapalooza House Rules
If you want to speed the game up a little, try getting the judge to accuse a player, instead of letting each player around the table make an accusation. Once the judge has accused someone then that player has the right to defend themselves and point the finger at someone else.
Also if you’re worried some of the cards might be taken “too personally” take them out before the game starts.

“Drunk, Stone or Stupid” is an adult party game with a real bite! If you enjoy “Cards Against Humanity” then chances are you’ll probably enjoy this game too, there are a few things to be aware of with this game though. Firstly this game can be a little nasty, so you’re going to want to make sure your friends aren’t the kind of people who take things too personally. An example of this could be a question such as “Which of your friends could do better?” or “Which of your friends is most likely to be cheap?”, whoever gets accused might take some of these questions very personally.
Another thing to mention is that this is a game that relies heavily on playing with people you know, the game has provided a rule variant where you can play with people you’ve never met, but playing with friends is where this game really shines.
This party game can play a crowd (you just need a minimum of 4) which is always a giant bonus, and there are always so many laughs flowing. Overall this is a fun little adult rated party game with a bit of a twist.

4+ Players
Ages: 17+
Setup Time: Under a minute

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