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Video games are pretty influential! We’re not going to lie and say that they haven’t had an impact on board gaming. Sometimes we want to delve further into our games, so we check out the board game version of our favourite video games too. Sometimes the board game version is something you like more than the original, or just a welcomed addition to the game that you love.

Here I’ll cover our top 5 board games based on video game franchises!

1) Fallout

Fallout is a post-nuclear adventure board game, based on the hit video game series by Bethesda Softworks of the same name. The world and scenarios inspired by familiar story events from the franchise the board game can be dubbed a faithful adaptation of where it takes influence from.

In Fallout you and up to three of your friends will be exploring the wasteland, completing quests, looting ruins and getting into fights with robots, mutants and giant bugs. Players however, are not able to engage in fights with each other, and interactions are limited to trading items and other basic tasks. While there is no direct fighting, players are still competing to be the winner by the end of the game.

Players will become the winner by accumulating points gained by completing these quests and agenda cards. That being said, you won’t know what points the other players have gained, so the end game is always a bit of a surprise for everyone!

2) This War of Mine: The Board Game

This War of Mine focused on surviving while the city you’re in is under siege. This War of Mine: The Board Game is no different. Adapted from the award-winning video game of the same name.

You and up to 5 others, enter this experience as a group of civilians trapped in a conflict-ridden city where you will face hazards and hardships that regularly test the basis of your humanity. During the day phase, players will settle in ruined houses and attempt to care for and manage. You will need to build necessities such as beds and workshops and ensure you have an income of food either by small animal traps or cultivating improvised vegetable gardens. Come nightfall, players will then be tasked to guard your shelter and what little possessions you have gained.

Your only real objective is to survive through the warfare of the city. What happens along the way, however, can affect your struggle to make it out alive. Encountering difficult decisions, your choice will mean you will have to deal with the consequences, whatever they are.

3) Small World of Warcraft

The mixture of the hyper-competitive family strategy board game Small World and the super popular World of Warcraft come together in the perfect blend, Small World of Warcraft!

Set in the fantasy world of Azeroth, where the races of the Alliance and the Horde clash in a world-consuming conflict! In this game, you’ll choose a race from a bunch of different races including elves, giants, rat-men or orcs! Each has its own unique special ability! On each turn you will choose to either use the multiple tiles of your chosen race to occupy adjacent territories to potentially defeat a weaker enemy along the way. Or you will let your race go into decline. After going into decline, at the start of your turn, you will choose a new race!

For each territory your race occupies, you will earn a coin! At the end of the game, the player with the most coins will be declared the winner!

4) Plague Inc The Board Game

This strategic game of infection, based on the digital game of the same name, has been adapted to a 1-5 player board game full of evolution and extinction.

Each player is a deadly disease and you must fight against each other to spread your infection across the world. Players will earn DNA points which can be used alongside evolving trait cards to evolve your pathogen and wreak havoc on the world. You will need to make careful plans and decisions and exploit opportunities created by other player’s choices and actions.

Through the collapsing of the world and decisions made by players, only one player will come away with having the ultimate plague. In the world’s current climate, will your game match reality?

5) Hand of Fate: Ordeals

Hand of Fate: Ordeals is a deck building game, based on a video game, that takes influence from and is inspired by deck building games. Based on the multi-platform, storytelling deck-builder from Defiant Development. The game has the option to be a competitive adventure, or a cooperative campaign!

Each player will choose one of four characters who have been stripped of their memories, skills and equipment. Players will then explore and compete in a randomly generated mini world to gain their strength back and defeat the three bosses!

At the end of this adventure, the player who has earned the most acclaim will be crowned victorious! If you are playing the co-op variation instead, then your group will instead have a campaign that you can attempt!

And that’s it! Our list of the top 5 board games based on video games! What do you think of our list? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below! 

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