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Caverna: The Cave Farmers

Caverna: The Cave Farmers
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    Mayfair Games
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In this game, you are the bearded leader of a small dwarf family which lives in a little cave in the mountains. Together, you cultivate the forest in front of your cave and dig deeper into the mountain. You furnish the caves as dwellings for your offspring as well as working spaces for small enterprises.

It's up to you how much ore you want to mine. You will need it to forge weapons, that allow you to go on expeditions to gain bonus items and actions. While digging through the mountain, you may come across water sources and find ore and ruby mines that help you increase your wealth. Right in front of your cave, you can increase your wealth even further with agriculture: you can cut down the forest to sow fields and fence in pastures to hold your animals. In the end, the player with the most efficiently developed home board will win the game.

Play the solo variant of this game to make yourself familiar with the 48 different furnishing tiles for your cave.

Customer Reviews

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Great games, but packaging let down the score

I ordered both Caverna and the Mother of Dragons/A Game of Thrones play mat at the same time. I expected that due to the very different shapes and weights of the two items they would be packaged separately. Having worked in inwards/outwards goods I know how common it is for orders to be shipped in separate boxes where appropriate; so I was disappointed to see these two items had been "boxed" together. Basically three boxes had been lightly taped together around the two items; and one of them was coming off the end before it was delivered to me. Fortunately there was no damage beyond the ripping of the shrink around Caverna; but I hope for better next time.
I can send pics of the boxes if you like. Other than this I do like your service, so hope you guys take this on board.


Great delivery and good condition

Delivered fast and secure. Great game, thanks!

Heavier than expected!

I received a small surprise when opening my purchase. The game has many pieces but it is still wonderfully simple to play. My girlfriend loves playing this and we can also play with many friends.

Love the charm and humour in the art and instructions. Can't wait to play again and go for a better end score.