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The Binding of Isaac Four Souls

The Binding of Isaac Four Souls
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The official Binding of Isaac multiplayer card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding.

2-4 players take turns playing loot cards and using items to kill monsters that yield more items, loot, and sometimes souls. The first player to end their turn with 4 souls is the winner. Cooperation, barter, and betrayal is encouraged.

Customer Reviews

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An interestingly simple yet substantial game

The Binding of Isaac Card game is an extraordinary game for 2 to 4 people. With an amazing set of cards with incredible art work.

The game consists of 3 decks of cards, player cards and a number of 'cent' coins to be used as currency. The game plays like a co-operative game but has opportunity and incentive to betray your fellow players.
With only a double sided A4 page of instructions it's simple to learn and understand, but there is also an online manual for more indepth rules should you require it (website found on box.)

Personally, I love when games developers make an effort with the packaging. For example, the box is extremely solid and nice. The 'Cent' coins come in a roll like you would find from the mint. I was almost hesitant to open them as it seems like they where meant to stay in there. Also included was a very nice suede drawstring bag to keep the coins in after opening them.

Definitely recommend this game for The binding of Isaac lovers. Also those who enjoy D&D type card games, an understanding of the source material is not required past the instructions.