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Star Wars X-Wing Imperial Veterans

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aximize the impact of your TIE bombers and TIE defenders with the Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack for X-Wing� Two new TIE miniatures come with alternate paint schemes �one gray TIE bomber with the Gamma Squadron's signature white stripe and one TIE defender with the bold red paint scheme shared by Countess Ryad and the Glaive Squadron. Additionally, eight veteran pilots and thirteen upgrades dramatically expand your ships�capabilities and versatility while a new mission, Disable the Relays, highlights many of their new tricks and tactics!


  • An Imperial starship expansion for the X-Wing Miniatures Game
  • Contains two miniature starfighters with alternate paint schemes â€?one TIE bomber and one TIE defender
  • Eight new ship cards introduce talented veteran pilots
  • Thirteen upgrades dramatically expand both shipsâ€?capabilities and versatility
  • A new mission challenges players to explore many of the shipsâ€?new tricks and tactics