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Star Wars Imperial Assault Greedo Expansion

Star Wars Imperial Assault Greedo Expansion
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  • Player Ages

  • # of Player

    2 to 5
  • Vendor

    Fantasy Flight Games
  • $15.95
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As a bounty hunter on the Outer Rim, Greedo has long needed to survive by his skills and his wits. Though he has a reputation for being slow on the draw, his price is cheap and perhaps best of all, he's expendable. If you want a bounty hunter who can lead a group of hired guns in a desperate attack, you should certainly consider the Greedo Villain Pack.

Costing only four points to include in your army, Greedo might be just the bounty hunter you need to fill out your strike team. Losing Greedo won't be a strong blow to your side, but until your opponent actually spends the attacks to destroy him, you'll be able to do a significant amount of damage with Greedo. Two new skirmish missions included in this pack bring your strike teams into a fortified hangar bay, giving you the opportunity to use In the Shadows to sneak up on your enemies before they spot you.

Greedo can also turn up in your campaign games of Imperial Assault with a new Item card and a new three-card Agenda set that includes a new Agenda mission. Whether you're claiming a death mark on a high-profile Rebel operative on Ord Mantell, walking through the streets of Mos Eisley, or working for the Empire in Cloud City, Greedo can have a significant influence on every campaign.