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Star Wars Armada Rebel Fighter Squadrons II expansion pack

Star Wars Armada Rebel Fighter Squadrons II expansion pack
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    2 to 2
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    Fantasy Flight Games
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Rebel pilots are masters of improvisation, and you can bring their talents to your games of Star Wars: Armada with the Rebel Fighter Squadrons II Expansion Pack. The venerable Z-95 Headhunter, agile Lancer-class Pursuit Craft, and sturdy VCX-100 Freighter lend new strength and tactics to your fleet, helping you win even the most desperate of battles. Together with the advanced E-wing fighter, these crafts add firepower and versatility to your Rebel forces, and their pilots carry the hopes of freedom for a beleaguered galaxy!

Key Selling Points
A Rebel Alliance expansion for the popular Star Wars: Armada miniatures game
Features two copies each of four new types of fighter squadrons
Eight squadron cards allow you to field your squadrons as nonuniques or as ace squadrons
Translates the Ghost and Shadow Caster from Star Wars Rebels to Armada
Permits the exploration of new tactics with its Strategic and Snipe abilities