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Legendary Showdown Presidential Edition

Legendary Showdown Presidential Edition
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  • Player Ages

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    2 to 7
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    Killer Robot Games
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Based on the delightfully shady history of the United States presidents, this lighthearted game is designed to be enjoyed by experienced gamers and newcomers alike. No background knowledge is needed to enjoy Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition or plan your epic victory.

Each player controls a line of presidents. At the end of each round, the presidents at the front of each player's line will engage in battle. The victor continues battling, and the rest are removed.

To ensure your president's victory, there are numerous underhanded strategies you can employ. You can give your presidents special bonuses that increase their strength, or you can give your opponents terrible bonuses to put them at a disadvantage.

You can also play cards to rearrange the order of your line, allowing a stronger president to compete, or rearrange the order of another player's line, forcing them to use a weak president.

Facedown cards can be employed to give your president a secret point bonus or ability, so you can never be sure which player is in the lead.

Action and instant cards allow you to mess with another player's strategy or swap your weaker presidents for stronger