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Android Netrunner LCG Daedalus Complex Pack

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Start seeing red! Android: Netrunner goes to Mars with Daedalus Complex and the Red Sand Cycle of Data Packs. Named after the foundation for a space elevator similar to the Beanstalk on earth, Daedalus Complex introduces sixty cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) that explore the red planet’s rugged, semi-lawless nature and the myriad opportunities for cybercrime that exist among its different factions. New run events, resources, ice, assets, and upgrades permit a variety of deck types, as does a new Weyland identity.

Key Selling Points
• The first data pack in the Red Sand Cycle for the popular Android: Netrunner LCG®
• Transports the game to the rugged semi lawless environs of Mars
• Sixty new cards explore the nature of cyber crime amid Mars residents an corporations
• New run events resources ice assets an upgrades permit new deck types
• The Weyland Consortium gains a new identity that rewards your most audacious sacrifices