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Ninja Dojo Fight

Ninja Dojo Fight
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  • Player Ages

  • # of Player

    2 to 4
  • Vendor

    Rule & Make
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Ninja Dojo Fight! is a fast paced game for 2- to 4-players. It combines simultaneous action selection with order resolution and a fun, easy to pick up, weapon battle system.

Its small size, and quick game play time, make it the perfect game when you haven't got a lot of time or space. It's ideal for new players, or as a quick filler between games.

Ninja Dojo Fight! is small enough to fit in your pocket and comes with the following components:

  • Premium, thick card, tuck box.
  • Glossy, double sided, rule sheet.
  • 33 premium linen finish cards consisting of:
    • 16 Ninjutsu cards
    • 15 Weapon cards
    • 1 Lightning card
    • 1 "No Winner" round marker card