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Monopoly - Doctor Who Regeneration Edition
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Monopoly - Doctor Who Regeneration Edition

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In this Regeneration Edition of Monopoly, people and places are all up for grabs.

This brand new Monopoly game takes the players through the final days of the Eleventh Doctor and the first days of the Twelfth. With all the characters from the 50th Anniversary feature length special, and the winter Regeneration, as well as the first few episodes of Season 8, this is an exciting and thrilling ride into the Whoniverse. Also featuring 6 brand new playing tokens, it‰۪s a great companion for Season 8.

The aim of the game is to buy and trade properties to collect rent from your fellow players. In this edition the properties are people that the Doctor has met, planets, and locations featured on the show. To win you try to keep your money whilst trying to bankrupt everyone else, as when you are bankrupt you are out of the game.

1 x GameBoard
60 x Cards
32 x Houses
12 x Hotels
2 x Dice
1 x Speed Die
210 x Custom Money
1 x Vac Tray
1 x Cloth Bag
1 x Rules Book
6 x Special Tokens

Age 8 years +