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Adventure Time Card Wars Lemongrab Vs Gunter
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Adventure Time Card Wars Lemongrab Vs Gunter

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In this CollectorÔs Pack, The Earl of Lemongrab and his sour disposition take on the cool as a cucumber penguin, Gunter! The box contains everything two players need to have a head-to-head Card Wars battle. But the cards are also great for adding to your previous collection and customizing your own decks! New cards, strategies, and oversized Hero cards await!
LemongrabÔs deck contains cards that utilize SandyLands and Cornfield Landscapes. His new strategies include giving his opponent bad Creatures that take up space and mess up his opponentÔs combat phase. Keeping your opponents Creatures alive might just be your key to victory! You will also find new äóÁí_í?bounce Creatures that can enter and leave play at a momentÔs notice. And this deck can mess with your opponentÔs Landscapes!
GunterÔs deck utilizes IcyLands and Blue Plains Landscapes. As a penguin, Gunter likes to hang out on the ice. Now he can! His deck has brand new ways of putting Frozen tokens on Landscapes and this time, he might want to freeze his own! When his Creatures occupy Frozen Landscapes, they will be much more powerful. Of course, if he wants to get rid of the tokens he will need a lot of cards in hand. Blue Plains is still the king of card draw. Blue Plains is also the best at moving Creatures between Landscapes. You will find that ability very useful with Frozen tokens hanging around! You will also find some very powerful Blue Plains Creatures that must move each turn, or suffer the consequences.
  • 2 40 Card Decks
  • 2 Oversized Hero Cards
  • 8 Oversized Landscape Tiles
  • Lots of Hit Point Tokens
  • Plus Frozen Tokens