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3D XO Toy Puzzle

3D XO Toy Puzzle
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Win vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Or fill in all the pieces and see who has the most wins!

Object: The winner is the first player who manages to place three (3) of their playing pieces, either an ‘X’ or an ‘O’ in a line.

Rules: The player who has chosen the ‘O’ starts. The first player puts one piece on one of the rods. Players play alternately, trying to create a line of three X’s or O’s, and at the same time analysing his opponent moves and blocking him if necessary & the winning line(s) can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Advanced version: Play until the game board is full and all 27 pieces have been placed – the player with the highest number of lines wins.

Hint: Diagonal lines may be hidden by pieces on the external rods.

 Good Luck from the team at Wolfpack Games!