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Deck Box Ultimate Guard Twin Flip n Tray 200+ Standard Size XENOSKIN Purple

Deck Box Ultimate Guard Twin Flip n Tray 200+ Standard Size XENOSKIN Purple
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Super high quality XenoSkin card box with magnetic closure and card & dice trays for the protection and archival safe storage of more than 200 double-sleeved cards in standard size (e.g. Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and others).

Optimized for 200 double-sleeved cards
Holds up to 200 double-sleeved cards or 200+ single-sleeved cards, standard size

Innovative cover material with anti-slip texture

Very strong closure
5 magnets for a precise and robust closure

Durable rigid box
Super rigid double-layer skin for maximum protection

Premium material
Premium microfibre inner lining

Removable Trays
The removable card and dice trays give you independent access to cards and accessories, 2 card trays and 1 dice tray

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Deckbox for EDH

Great quality deck box just like all of ultimate guards xenoskin line and comfortably fits 2 double sleeved EDH decks and the extra middle slot is always nice for dice and counters. Magnets are also strong and you won't have to worry about the box opening under its own weight or from falling off the table.

Great product, would recommend to any EDH player

Great feel, tough shell. Makes me feel my cards are well protected from everything else in my bag or anywhere else I put it. The magnets that hold the box closed are very strong.